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"Visualization is the holding of one image or a series of images with the mind. It is not stagnant for we’re dealing with something subtle, thoughts. Each moment we have the opportunity to direct our attention where we want it through our willpower. Each moment is an individual picture in mind. Even the holding of one image is a series of the same image. By holding the same frame, the same image, the mind is redirected inward. This is the key to understanding the desires we have as individuals. Through practice, we can learn how the visualization process works, how to manifest what we want, and take action steps to live a fulfilling life. Let me guide you through this process!"
- Michael Dardanes

What People Are Saying:

"My life has changed pretty drastically since having taken the course and I don’t think I would have achieved as many of my goals without the tools he provided. The visualization course was the catalyst I needed to help me break through barriers I didn’t know I had the strength to break through."
Tina N.
"I took the visualization course and felt it truly helped me connect with the quality of my thoughts. I was able to see my creations from start to finish in my mind and doing this has allowed me to create meaningful change allowing for shifts in a new positive direction in my life. Thankful for Michael’s deep insights on this subject."
Analena R.
"When I initially decided to take this course I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I took it at a point in time when I was extremely dissatisfied with work and dealing with undiagnosed depression. As the course progressed I was continually challenged to search for things I wanted in my life and develop ideas on how to implement these changes. This course helped me change jobs to one I am happy in and also helped me get treated for my depression. I believe these changes were manifested in my life because Michael challenged me every week to look within myself and implement a change within and the external rewards will follow. I saw that a meaningful shift cannot happen externally if we do not put in work internally. I am forever grateful to Michael for coaching me through this course. I recommend this course to almost everyone and would not be as happy as I am today without it."
Wade K.
"I am so fortunate to have taken the online Visualization class. It was inspiring and empowering! I learned tools to tune in then cultivate creative ideas, and learned how to support their manifestation, including the development of concentration and intention. I appreciated the steady, disciplined pace of the class, which allowed for practice, contemplation and re-vision. I continue to use the practices regularly and recommend this course to anyone looking for a practical, heartfelt approach to manifesting the present (and future) you want and need. It may inspire you as it did me."
Laura P.
"The Visualization practice was the icing on the meditation cake!! It really brings it all together so you can have a deeper experience. It's not just talking, it's doing! I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to learn from a beginners point to an experienced practitioner! You will gain the knowledge you are seeking."
Lee Anne H.
"Michael’s Visualization Course was an unexpectedly powerful experience for me and brought about so many positive changes!"
Virginia B.

Brief Summary of What You'll Receive:

Week 1
Visualization Summary/Mechanics 
Finding desires and distractions: Journaling 101
Week 2
Identifying and compartmentalizing desires
Body Relaxation: Beginning step to any visualization process
Importance of action
Week 3
Holding images vs. moving images
Importance of bringing attention to desires throughout the day
Adding emotion
Week 4
Stilling the mind practices
Where do I go after attaining what I want? Learning to apply method over object.
Week 5
Visualization in Meditation
Body relaxation process 201: Numbness, Light, Recharging, and more
Week 6
Discipline and action
Oversaturating a single desire
Week 7
Deeper states of consciousness
Importance of material and immaterial desires - Staying balanced
Week 8 
Emotion and intention - Innate vs. Self-made
Review visualization, desires, deeper levels of visualization, and relaxation processes.

What's included?

Video Icon 44 videos File Icon 17 files Text Icon 10 text files


On Visualization - Lesson 1
On Visualization.pdf
2.78 MB
Lesson 1 Quests
On Visualization - Lesson 1 Audio.m4a
11 mins
Desires List – In the beginning.docx
32.5 KB
Your Mind is a Movie
2 mins
2 mins
Emotion in Visualization.mp4
3 mins
The House on the
2 mins
Imaging vs.
4 mins
Important Message!.mov
4 mins
Lesson 2
Identifying and Compartmentalizing Desires.pdf
3.28 MB
Lesson 2 Quests
Identifying and Compartmentalizing Desires - Lesson 2 - Audio.m4a
9 mins
Visualization Relaxation - 10_2_18, 10.21 AM.m4a
10 mins
Desires - The Early Dropout
2 mins
Emotions - Energy in
2 mins
My Morning Routine and Interpreting
2 mins
A Still
2 mins
2 mins
Physical vs. Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual
3 mins
The Human Condition Flows
3 mins
3 mins
Lesson 3
Bringing Attention to Desires.pdf
1.14 MB
Lesson 3 Quests
Bringing Attention to Desires - Lesson 3 Audio.m4a
9 mins
Creation As a
2 mins
Changes happening in your
2 mins
Ordering Your Desires
3 mins
Oh no, Rebellion!.mov
3 mins
Emotion Wells
1 min
The Heaviness of
4 mins
Lesson 4
Stilling the Mind.pdf
2.3 MB
Lesson 4 Quests
Stilling the Mind - Lesson 4 Audio.m4a
9 mins
1 min
Needs vs.
3 mins
3 mins
You're spiritual! Now what?.mov
3 mins
Lesson 5
Visualization in Meditation.pdf
4.85 MB
Lesson 5 Quests
Visualization in Meditation - Lesson 5 Audio.m4a
7 mins
Aggressive and Receptive Sides of
2 mins
Body Relaxation 201
2 mins
Relaxation 201 technique
Breaking the
2 mins
2 mins
Lesson 6
Discipline and Action.pdf
2.5 MB
Lesson 6 Quests
Discipline and Action - Week 6 Audio.m4a
5 mins
3 mins
Subtle Learning
2 mins
The Classrooms of
3 mins
The Importance of Multiple
3 mins
Lesson 7
Deeper States of Consciousness.pdf
4.47 MB
Lesson 7 Quests
Deeper States of Consciousness - Lesson 7 Audio.m4a
9 mins
The Ripple
1 min
Organizing Your Mind and
3 mins
A Holistic Approach to
3 mins
Increasing Visualization
3 mins
Lesson 8
Emotion and Intention.pdf
12.7 MB
Lesson 8 Quests
The Methodical
3 mins
Climbing the Emotional
4 mins
Building Positive Qualities - A Spiritual
3 mins
66 Day
2 mins
The Course Ends and We Continue
2 mins
Who Are You Becoming?.mov
1 min
Move Your Body!.mov
2 mins
Knowing Your Unique Creation
4 mins


What do I get with this course?

  1. 8 Weekly Lessons
  2. 8 Weekly Quest Reviews (Tasks)
  3. 44 Videos with Michael explaining Specifics in the Lessons
  4. 5 Recorded Meditations
  5. 8 Audiobook Lessons
  6. Explanations of All Exercises Provided
  7. Links and Bonus Content 

Michael Dardanes is an entrepreneur and lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Brynn. His projects include Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts, Fortress FC, and The Mind Arts Online. He's a Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner and loves watching futbol teams managed by Pep Guardiola. His courses include Visualization, Lucid Dreaming, Elemental Meditation I and II, and The Artists Way. His next course project is in entrepreneurship. He's been actively teaching since 2013.